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Tangible Results with Paid Social Marketing Services

Social Media Paid Ads Management

Our team is made up of a group of experienced advertising and marketing professionals who deliver tangible results with our customized paid social marketing campaigns. We use Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting technology to help you reach new audiences and re-engage customers who’ve already visited your site. Give us a call, and experience our well tested strategies for yourself!:


The smart way to grow your business with Facebook Advertising

Stop worrying about unprofessional people handling your ads. Get help from an expert in Facebook Ads. No long-term contracts, 30-day money-back guarantee. Get started today.

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What we can do for you

Here are a few of the most popular requests from our clients:

Email Integrations

Unlock the power of seamless email integrations with The Digital Agency. Maximize your Facebook Ads campaigns with our expertly crafted strategies tailored to your email marketing needs.


Elevate your Facebook Ads with compelling copywriting from The Digital Agency. Our expert team crafts engaging ad copy that drives results and boosts your brand's online presence.

Website Design

Transform your online presence with captivating website design services from The Digital Agency. Our skilled designers create visually stunning and user-friendly websites optimized for driving conversions through Facebook Ads.

Custom Coding

Elevate your Facebook Ads game with custom coding solutions from The Digital Agency. Our expert developers create tailored solutions to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

GrooveFunnels/WordPress Integration

Unleash the full potential of your Facebook Ads with GrooveFunnels/WordPress integrations by The Digital Agency. Seamlessly connect your ad campaigns to your website for enhanced performance and conversion optimization.

Domain Whitelabel

Empower your Facebook Ads with domain whitelabel solutions from The Digital Agency. Gain trust and credibility by ensuring your ads are displayed using your own branded domain, maximizing your online presence and conversions.

Zapier Integrations

Supercharge your Facebook Ads with Zapier integrations from The Digital Agency. Streamline your advertising efforts by connecting with other tools and platforms effortlessly, optimizing your campaign management and performance.

Payment Gateway

Streamline your Facebook Ads revenue flow with seamless payment gateway integrations from The Digital Agency. Enhance your sales process by offering secure and convenient payment options, maximizing conversions and customer satisfaction.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Maximize your Facebook Ads ROI with expert Facebook Pixel setup by The Digital Agency. Unlock invaluable insights and optimize your ad campaigns for higher conversions and greater audience engagement.

The Team Working with You

  • Account Managers

  • Dedicated Account Manager. Working with an account manager means you have direct access to a Facebook and Instagram marketing expert. With our experience in paid social management for a diverse portfolio of verticals, we have the expertise to make your goals a reality.

  • Copywriters

  • As part of our paid social marketing services, we'll craft copy for a compelling ad that works in tandem with your campaign to turn people into customers.

  • Paid Social Advertising Specialists

  • Paid social advertising isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. A lot of planning goes into every campaign we manage. Your dedicated social advertising specialist will collaborate with your Account Manager and continuously optimize your campaigns, making calculated adjustments to deliver successful campaigns.

    What You Get with Paid Social Advertising


    Advanced Audience Targeting

    Our team of Facebook experts applies a full-funnel marketing approach to run paid social campaigns on Facebook. Each campaign uses a unique prospecting strategy, with audience selection tools like demographic targeting and custom audience lists. After a campaign is launched, the team uses mid-funnel campaigns to re-engage with the warm audience with additional information and calls to action.

    ad creation

    Custom Ad Creation

    Let’s leverage your budget and target more customers than ever. Our paid social team of analysts, copywriters, and graphic designers work collaboratively to create custom ads into each step of your buyer’s journey. We’ll always report on the success of your ads and offer recommendations based on their performance. 

    conversion tracking

    Conversion Tracking

    We’ll get you set up with Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, and Facebook’s Business Manager so you can track activity across your ads and website.

    Standard Features









    Why choose The Digital Agency

    It's time to stop chasing after freelancers that are unreliable and expensive. Get your own experts on Facebook Ads.

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Experience unlimited potential with The Digital Agency's unlimited campaign offerings. Drive your Facebook Ads strategies forward without limitations, and watch your brand reach new heights with every click.

  • Scale Your Ads To The Sky

  • Skyrocket your advertising efforts with The Digital Agency's expertise. Scale your Facebook Ads to new heights, reaching broader audiences and maximizing your brand's impact with every campaign.

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Accelerate your advertising success with The Digital Agency's lightning-fast turnaround. Get your Facebook Ads campaigns up and running in record time, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on every opportunity.

  • Dedicated Facebook Ads Expert

  • Partner with a dedicated Facebook Ads expert at The Digital Agency. Receive personalized attention and tailored strategies to optimize your campaigns, driving maximum results and growth for your business.

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    Why The Digital Agency?

    The Digital Agency is dedicated to making your social media campaign a success. We will help prepare your account for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram advertising by creating individual landing pages for each ad that you run. We will also create custom audiences of your buyers on Facebook, Google+ and other networks to maximize your ad purchasing power

    The Digital Agency lives and breathes search. Our passionate, results-driven team is focused 100% on helping our clients grow their businesses with search engine marketing. From keyword research and PPC management to creating landing pages and managing AdWords campaigns, we help our clients use Google AdWords as a central hub for all of their online marketing efforts.