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Your Ultimate Copywriting Powerhouse!

Sick of the copywriting circus? Meet Cadmus: the all-in-one, rocket-powered AI copywriting bot that's flipping your digital strategy on its head! πŸš€

Are you seeking a refined solution for your copywriting demands? Allow us to introduce Cadmus, the comprehensive AI-driven copywriting bot designed to redefine your digital communication strategy.

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools for your copywriting needs? Say hello to Cadmus, the all-in-one AI-powered copywriting bot that's here to revolutionize your digital communication strategy! πŸš€

Avast ye! Had enough of wrangling a shipload of tools for yer copywriting needs? Look no further than Cadmus, the swashbucklin' AI-powered copywriting bot set to overhaul yer whole digital communication strategy! πŸš€


What Cadmus Offers

Cadmus replaces 3 apps and your copywriter -- your email list signup form app, your email marketing app, your copywriting app, and your copywriter.

your email signup form app

your email marketing app

your copywriting app

your copywriter

your AI assistant

your brand voice

Optimize Your Brand Voice: AI Copywriting with Cadmus

Craft authentic brand communication with Cadmus, the AI Copywriting app that preserves your unique voice. Cadmus learns from your brand, ensuring consistent tone across all your content, from formal to internet-savvy. Never lose your brand voice again.

Meet Cadmus

A Better AI for Copywriting and Email Marketing

Cadmus Everywhere

Watch your toneβ€”everywhere.

Cadmus is ready to pump out world class content whenever and wherever you create. Elevate your copywriting and email marketing game with Cadmus and embrace a new era of unparalleled efficiency, engagement, and success. With our browser extension you can use Cadmus anywhere on the web. Say goodbye to the outdated tools and say hello to the future of copywriting. Your brand deserves the best, and Cadmus is ready to deliver. Get started now and experience the difference!

Cadmus AI Content Writer

Want to get your copy made 10X faster?

AI is better and faster, so you can say goodbye to writer's block and hello to world-class copy that sells! Cadmus' copywriting AI uses deep learning to create engaging, high-converting copy in seconds. Create different types of content 10X faster. Blogs, Articles, Emails, Press Releases, Website Copy, Funnel Copy, Landing page and Webinar Registration pages, Social Media, Advertising, Video Scripts, Freemiums, Reports, Mind Maps, Outlines, Process Maps, Worksheets, Workbooks, and even Books.

Collaboration Tools

A real team player.

Cadmus allows you to collaborate on copy, marketing, funnels, etc. with your team with team accounts. Grant access to your team with Admin, Write, and Read permissions that let you get the work done faster and more easily. Share content between team members and export the content easily.

Cadmus AI Engine

One AI tool, all the best models.

Cadmus goes beyond being a mere language model. Our AI Engine, Canvas, begins by drawing insights from a diverse range of top-tier models, including OpenAI's GPT-4, Anthropic, and Google's models. These insights are then combined with up-to-date search data, your unique brand voice, and optimization tools such as SEO and grammar enhancements. With our ability to collaborate across models, we stand as a dependable choice even in challenging situations. Truly intelligent!

Content Dump

Content Dump Page

Train Cadmus to understand your business, offers, products, services, and funnels better than anyone else. Curate content and insights to fine-tune the AI's output for spot-on communication.

AI Calendar

Monthly AI Calendar

Cadmus becomes your dependable reminder, suggesting timely content ideas and strategies to keep your marketing efforts on track throughout the month.

Email Marketing Bot

AI-Generated Email Newsletters

Leverage the power of AI to craft engaging, personalized email newsletters that resonate with your subscribers, fostering deeper connections and higher open rates.


AI-Powered Copywriting

Need compelling ad copy, landing pages, sales funnel content, social media posts, video scripts, or anything else? Cadmus has you covered with expertly generated content that suits your brand's voice.


Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with any email marketing service and provider. Send unlimited emails to any list, regardless of the platform, making the once-beloved tools obsolete.

Customer Stories

Cadmus in the real world.


Walkme is a SaaS tool that provides onboarding assistance for software platforms. They integrated Cadmus into their content strategy and platform so their customers can quickly create on-brand content.

Email Marketing

Walkme is a SaaS tool that provides onboarding assistance for software platforms. They integrated Cadmus into their content strategy and platform so their customers can quickly create on-brand content.


Walkme is a SaaS tool that provides onboarding assistance for software platforms. They integrated Cadmus into their content strategy and platform so their customers can quickly create on-brand content.



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Tutorial Video

Unlock the full potential of Cadmus with our Tutorial Video! Step-by-step guidance on harnessing AI-powered content creation, from crafting compelling copy to optimizing your strategy. Elevate your skills and master the art of content with Cadmus.

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